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[Shin Splints]

Shin Splint Compression Sleeve

Medical professionals designed and evaluated Cho-Pat’s unique, sports/medical device that alleviates the symptoms of pain and discomfort associated with shin splints.

The Shin Splint Compression Sleeve works by providing gentle compression forces while firmly supporting the lower leg muscles and soft tissue. The sleeve also tends to stimulate circulation and maintain warmth which controls fluid build-up. Two foam core straps act as shock absorbers reducing micro trauma to the tendons and other soft tissue and help maintain the device in the proper position. Use the compression sleeve alone or with other forms of therapy to provide effective relief.

Available in white and black.

Warning: If in doubt as to the origin of your lower leg pain, seek medical attention.

Sizing: Measure Circumference at Mid-Calf

Note: For the Shin Splint Compression Sleeve and all the Knitted Compression devices, we suggest ordering a size larger.


 Item:  Description:
 CPSSS30X  Small - White
 8 - 11 inches / 20 - 28 cm.
 CPSSS31X  Small - Black
 8 - 11 inches / 20 - 28 cm.
 CPSSS32X  Medium - White
 11 - 16 inches / 28 - 41 cm.
 CPSSS33X  Medium - Black
 11 - 16 inches / 28 - 41 cm.
 CPSSS34X  Large - White
 16 - 20 inches / 41-51 cm.
 CPSSS35X  Large - Black
 16 - 20 inches / 41 - 51 cm.


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