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Manufacturer of Preventive and
Pain-Reducing Sports Medical Devices

Cho-Pat designs and manufacturers innovative and specific sports-medical support devices for the leg, knee, ankle, wrist, and arm. We are recognized for the originality and uniqueness of our devices to relieve the pain and discomfort of certain physiological disorders, to the extent that they have revolutionized the treatment of certain biomechanical disorders. Our first and best-known product is Cho-Pat's Original Knee Strap, designed for those having symptoms associated with degenerative knees and/or overuse syndromes of the knee.

We have also introduced successful concepts for the treatment of common anatomical/biomedical conditions such as shin splints, biciptal/triciptal tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, subluxation of the kneecap, and Iliotibial Band syndrome (I.T.B.). Our latest patent-pending product is the Bicep/Triceps Cuff which affords protection from overuse injuries for individuals performing repetitive lifting in activities such as weight training.

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